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Machu Picchu Games

Can you find KATO ?

The photographer has lost his dog "Kato" somewhere in Machu Picchu. Can you help find him? He is such a good boy and we don't want him to get into any trouble now do we ????

What else can you find?

The photographer has hidden a priest somewhere in Machu Picchu. Do you think you can find him? How about the photographer and his wife. Can you find them?

What else can you find hidden in the citadel?

Look careful.....

Think you're good? See if you can find the ladder...I bet you can't...

How many condors do you see?

How many Llamas do you see?

There are five Andean condors in total. Can you find all five? This is a hard one...


There are seven Llamas in total. Can you find all seven?