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FAQ's about Peru

What kind of Power outlets do they have in Peru?

Peru uses 220 V and 60 Hz

Somewhere like the US for example uses 110 V.

You can buy a simple adapter to power anything you need, and most of the nicer upscale hotels have an optional 110 V outlet anyways

Is the water OK?

No. The water is only OK for the locals. You can find bottles of water everywhere and some of the nicer hotels have a water filtration system.

What is the food like?


What is the weather like?

Excellent. Peruvians know how to eat. The national dish is "Ceviche" which is a fish dish where the fish is actually cooked through citric acids found in limes and lemons. You can also enjoy Alpacca loin which is delicious and Guinea Pig, (which I do not recommend)


Like any other west coast mountainous region, Peru experiences a wide range of weather. It can be cool and damp by the coast and dry and arid in the mountains. Usually it is best to go there in the spring to summer, (May to July) After their rainy season. Be sure to bring a jacket for those cooler mountain nights.

How high is Machu Picchu?
Machu Picchu is 7874' above sea level, roughly (2500 meters). Oddly enough to get to Machu Picchu you must travel through CUSCO which is an even higher 11150' above sea level.




Cusco was the original captial of the Inca Empire. It was destroyed by the Spaniard conquestidors but remnants of the fine stonework are still found in the local architecture.

Cusco surronds a square called the "Plaza de Armas", which every spanish settlement at the time had. It was like a common used by the people of the time for assemblies of all kinds. This common is surrounded by great shopping, restaurants, and curious buildings.

If you would like to enjoy the surrounding area, there are all kinds of tours and adventure packages. White water rafting, hiking, horseback riding are just some of the things to do in Cusco. Cusco also boasts some of the most authentic and important Inca ruins found in Peru.

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When you are done exploring Cusco you can either hike your way through the sacred valley or hop on a train from Poroy train station. The train ride is about four hours and it takes you through some of the most beautiful scenery you could imagine. But I think the hiking is more fun.

Your destination is a little village called Aqua Calientes. Named for the hot volcanic springs that course through this simple tourist feuled village, and known for their hospitality throughout the world. They sit at the foot of the sacred Machu Picchu mountain. Here you can enjoy a local beer and slice of peruvian style pizza while you joke with the locals and you are made to feel welcome. You can enjoy some time here before you hike up or hop a bus ride to the top of Machu Picchu.



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There is only one hotel at the top of Machu Picchu, the Sanctuary Lodge. It is a treat and honor to stay within steps of the citadel. Where you can enjoy it earlier in the morning and stay later at night. The hotel has a wonderful bar 2 restaurants for guests to enjoy, as well as spa services and other amenities.

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