Christopher Hooper


Google Certified and Street View Trusted Photographer
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About Christopher

Christopher Hooper was born in the United States. He grew up and was educated in Boston and studied Mechanical Engineering at the University of South Florida and was one of the first developers to begin to explore 360 x 360 photography at the birth of the internet. He attended the IPIX development labratories in Oakridge Tennesee, where he perfected full spherical 360 x 360 degree photography and development.

Christopher Hooper has now developed his own unique customized system for developing full screen 360 x 360 degree photography and has strived to deliver the very best and most cutting edge 360 x 360 degree photography and image developement for well over 10 years.

Christopher Hooper is now considered one of the leading Virtual Reality Photographers and Visual Content Developers in the world, with clients around the globe, his work is sought after by only the finest clientele who desire superior 360 x 360 degree imagery and excellence in web content development.