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On January 26th, 2012 Google offically launched what they called the GOOGLE BUSINESS PHOTOS program. This Google Business Photos program was a unique approach to the Google MAPS and STREETVIEW module in that it enables potential customers an opportunity to look inside of a business with a Google Virtual Tour using the Streetview Technology. To do this they needed to produce a Google Trusted photographer who was trained in the Streetview Google Algorithm of photography technique and they developed the Google Business Photos and Google Trusted Photographer Program.

The Google Business Photos and Google Trusted Photographer Program started out in Google’s backyard and has now spread to every major city including many South Florida cities and counties. On March 17th Google announced the rebranding of the program and officially launched the Google Maps Business View brand.

Now approaching 250,000 businesses involved, it is no wonder why this program has become such a success. Customers everywhere explore these businesses in a new way from every device.

Servicing Florida:




1. Schedule An Appointment

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We are your South Florida Google Photographer. We have been trained by Google to photograph images of your business in a particular way that adheres to the Google Streetview Algorithm. And we are the authorized photographer for your Geographical location for the Google Business Photos and Google Trusted Photographer Program. Google Business photos cannot be taken by any photographer who does not have Google Trusted Photographer certification and training.

If you are a business in South Florida and would like to include your business in theGoogle Maps Business View and Google Trusted Photographer Program, start by scheduling an appointment for one of our photographers to visit your business and take the specific Google Business Photos. We then use our special backend software to create your Google Virtual Tour and then publish it directly to Google MAPS and STREETVIEW and integrate it into the Google Maps Business View and Google Trusted Photographer Program. SCHEDULE MY APPOINTMENT

2. Business View is Published

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After we have constructed and uploaded your Google Virtual Tour for the Google Maps Business View and Florida Google Trusted Photographer Program it is directly accessible for any user searching for a local business such as yours using the Google MAPS module. The Google Maps Business View and Florida Google Trusted Photographer Program enables local users searching for a business type to see inside of your business.

This is a unique opportunity to take a visitor out of their home or office and show them the inside of your business. These Google Virtual Tours can be shared on social networking sites, emailed to potential customers or even embeded into your website easily using a code that we send to you.

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3. Business Video (Optional)

Now you can even get a Business Video uploaded to you tube and attached to your Google Business Plus profile. This Business Video will allow you to enhance your search result by displaying your video to users searching for your type of business.

The program offers a unique opportunity to get a professional video production of your business for am affordable cost. Get the professional results your business needs and ask about a Business Video for your South Florida Business.


4. Build Your Google Presence (Optional)

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As an added service we also provide Google Plus Business Profile support and management. Have a Google Certified Google Trusted Photographer and Google PLUS trained technician work on building your Google+ Business profile.

When your profile is constructed in a particular way according to the Google search algorithm, it can greatly enhance your search positioning and results. By having one of our trained technicians work on your Google+ business profile you can greatly increase your chances of climbing to a higher position in the Google Search results.

Ask us about our Google+ page management service and see how a small investment can give you excellent profitable results.

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Build Your Google Presence (Optional)

Our Team of Google Business Photos and Florida Google Trusted Photographer Program trained professionals offers expert advice on Google+ business profile and Google Search Engine Placement. We offer consulting services to teach you the ropes about bringing your business to the top of the Google Search results.

Our staff has over 25 yrs of training and experience in Search Engine optimization techniques, and we know how to utilize positive result oriented techniques to bring your business to the top of the Google Search Optimization game.

Schedule an appointment with one of our consultants for a free no obligation assesment of your website, and some professional advice about how to improve your search standings.

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